Interview Tips

College leavers are like freshly grown bud which need some extra efforts and attention to grow, need continuous improvements so that they can improve their chances of securing a job straight out of college if they prepare for their job interview; some tips may help them on that […]

LinkedIn:- The Revolutionary Corporates Social Networking

Prior to LinkedIn, the people (including employers and employees) had very limited contacts. They were not aware about what the new things are except for what they have learned from their contacts. Along with that the best[…]

Software Technologies Good For a Rookie

When starting out in the software development field, it can be very challenging to figure out which tools, technologies or platforms to learn. Nothing is more frustrating that spending 6 months learning a piece of technology only to find out that it is obsolete[…]

Accounting & Reporting in Insurance Business

Hi everyone, I am business consultant with about 11 years of experience in business analytics, business requirements gathering, process flow and process modeling, accounting and financial reporting.Today almost everyone understands Insurance,Today […]

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