Business Analytics, ETL & DW

TrueBlue AppWerks take pride in providing solution to client’s desired business intelligence and analytics needs. Whether it’s to supports the entire enterprise or just a single vertical or group in the organization. TrueBlue AppWerks® Analytics Services has extensive experience analyzing complex enterprise data and transforming it into rich business intelligence that can be used to drive decisions. By leveraging various sources and a variety of formats, we help make sense of this data, identify areas of inefficiency and strengthen return on IT investment by maximizing the effectiveness of technology efforts.

  • Our consultants have worked with our clients to help them conceptualize, design and implement their data warehouse solution.
  • We bring in the years of experience in implementing data warehousing projects, metadata management, master data management and providing consultancy services for Business Analytics and Intelligence.
  • Our consultants are highly skilled in analysis of data transformation and implementation of ETL solutions that are optimized to populate and update the Data Warehouse.
  • TrueBlue AppWerks delivers customized solutions that are designed to accommodate each client’s unique goals and requirements.
  • Our services enable clients to manage their data and use it to make informed IT and business decisions.
    • TrueBlue AppWerks brings a wealth of hands-on experience and process knowledge to every BI services engagement. We understand the tremendous value BI can bring to a business and help clients realize this value. With our experience and industry expertise, we are uniquely positioned to evaluate client needs, and convert complex, high-volume data into actionable insight. We conduct assessments and remediation’s, including discovery, road mapping and post-production continuity services. We deliver implementation services, including BI application installations and integrations, upgrades, and production go-live. We also offer training and education in Oracle and Engineered Systems Implementation. In turn, our clients are able to make informed decisions to gain a competitive advantage.
    • We enable organizations to improve business processes and enhance overall performance. We lend our expertise in Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) and custom data warehouses to design, develop and implement data engineering and warehousing solutions. Our services include data load process automation, data quality, metadata management, performance tuning and optimization. Through our diverse solutions, clients are able to drive cost effectiveness and productivity.
    • Through our big data solutions, we help organizations make sense of complex and high-volume structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, analyze it and integrate it into business operations. Our advanced analytics and big data service portfolio includes discovery, implementation, installation and configuration, migration, training services and managed support to ensure continuous performance and back-up services. We also leverage custom-built tools and accelerators to speed implementation of big data solutions.
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