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College leavers can improve their chances of securing a job straight out of college if they prepare for their job interview; some tips may help them on that –

There are five key things job seekers should do

  • Be prepared.

Brush up your knowledge and improve your communication skills.Research the firm or organization for which you are being interviewed and find out about the position for which you are applying. Use the internet, friends and relatives or contact the organization to get information about them and the position. Be prepared to talk about the organization and why you want to work there.

  • Dress for the job.



Wear the most formal clothes that you would likely need to wear in that position. Show the employer how you could represent their organization.

  • Be aware of your skills, abilities and experiences.

Be able to talk about how you could contribute to the organization. Show that you believe you can do the job by referring to your skills, abilities and experience.

  • Be ready to ask relevant questions.

The interview is not only for the employer. The interview is also for you to learn about the position and see if it really is for you. If you are properly prepared, you should generally know about the position and can ask questions relevant to you if your application is successful.

  • Take relevant material to the interview.


For example, copies of your resume, certificates, references or names and contact details of referees.


There are five actions they must avoid to be more likely to succeed.

  • Don’t be late for the interview.

Plan your time to arrive early and compose yourself before the interview.

  • Don’t Panic.

An employer will not be trying to trip you up during the interview.

  • Don’t lie about your skills and experience.

It is important to be truthful and positive about your skills, abilities and experience but do not make things up. Show the interviewer who you really are.

  • Don’t post too much on Facebook and other social networking sites

Employers now use social networking sites to gather information on prospective employees. Be careful what you post.

  • Don’t be discouraged if you do not get the job.

Remember that there are probably many applicants and only few will get the job. Try to get feedback about why you did not get the position. Learn from the experience and aim to be better at the next interview.


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