LinkedIn:- The Revolutionary Corporates Social Networking

Prior to LinkedIn, the people (including employers and employees) had very limited contacts. They were not aware about what the new things are except for what they have learned from their contacts. Along with that the best and talented individual didn’t had a platform to promote their business or working skills. No one would have ever thought that one day the two side of coin i.e. employers and employee will be able to connected in such a way.


But December 28 2002, when the LinkedIn came into play, it changed the perspective. Each and every individual, whether it is employer or employee, manager, business holders and the other who are in the corporate or professional world, have thousands of connections around the world.


Every one is connected, and in this way all of the corporate entities are connected to each other directly or indirectly. With the help of LinkedIn one can share their individual views. It had also helped the job seekers to get the job as per their requirement easily as everyone in the connection can see that the individual is searching for, so they help by sharing the openings or the recruitment. It had also helped in promoting the business and let it be known by the thousands of the members which are connected directly or in directly.


Really, in last 14 yr LinkedIn has helped a lot of us to communicate, share our thoughts and knowledge. It is a social networking which represents the professional relationships. And the best thing is that its subsidiaries i.e., slide share and Lynda has the abundant of sources of knowledge in every field from where anyone can enhance their knowledge and professional skills. Not only one can learn but it can also let the others to learn just by simply posting it to its LinkedIn timeline. So, in other words we can say that the LinkedIn is the abundant source of knowledge and corporate social networking.

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