Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a powerful, competitive business component that expands an organization’s ability to respond to evolving company needs, remain agile, and gain greater flexibility and speed when streamlining core infrastructures and deploying applications.

  • We help organizations embrace cloud services to drive business growth and flexibility.
  • We meet you wherever you are in your journey to the cloud; from conceptualizing a migration roadmap, to transitioning to the cloud, to continued monitoring and maintenance once your cloud environment is fully operational.
  • Holistic innovation to enhance your cloud environment
  • TrueBlue AppWerks’ Cloud Services solutions provide you with access to flexible, on-demand storage, compute, databases and the tools necessary to manage these components within a responsive environment.
  • Identifying the right cloud platform for your organization, and partnering with a trusted provider to implement and execute your cloud initiatives, enables you to better align IT and business functions and reach your desired cloud future state. By consolidating, centralizing and standardizing IT infrastructures to allow you to rapidly deploy critical applications, your organization will be more strategically positioned to lower operational costs, increase efficiency and conserve resources so they can focus on what matters most—the business.
  • TrueBlue AppWerks’ dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence brings together our skilled cloud architects, project managers and TrueBlue AppWerks Global Services® practice managers to work collaboratively to design an end-to-end, practice-integrated cloud solution that best fits your organization’s application, infrastructure processes and security requirements.
  • Our team has a unique understanding of the most competitive cloud platforms available on the market—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—and how their different storage, compute, scale and operations capabilities will best help optimize your business and promote agility that enhances enterprise IT.
  • The Value We Bring
    • TrueBlue AppWerks is a certified partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), a distinction that recognizes leading AWS cloud solutions providers.
    • Custom solutions
    • Dedicated cloud center
    • Certified partnerships
    • Continuous improvement
  • Practice expertise
    • TrueBlue AppWerks reviews every client’s existing technical and business environments to better understand their specific requirements, current state, and desired cloud future state and business outcomes. Drawing on discovery findings, we craft a holistic, end-to-end solution that encompasses applications, infrastructure, processes and security capabilities to best align with each organization’s unique situation.
  • Why TrueBlue AppWerks
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    • We guide clients through the complex process of migrating to the cloud, designing a tailored solution best fit for your organization based on its current cloud capabilities, desired future state and applications, infrastructure, processes and security needs.
    • We provide a wide range of migration models—including “lift and shift”—to support all core cloud competency areas and to build, provision and deploy your applications and infrastructure to the cloud.
    • We help monitor, manage and operate the day-to-day support of your cloud environment, deliver meaningful service improvements, and optimize functionality and processes as your business needs evolve.
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