Enterprise Architecture

TrueBlue AppWerks Enterprise Architect, has provided an abstract outline that defines an enterprise components and its relationships where the intent is to determine how an organization can most effectively use and achieve its current and future objectives with respect to Data, Integration, Services, Network & Infrastructure and Security Architecture.

  • Our team of Business Analyst have shown great agility, innovation, passion to engagement with stakeholders to drive projects and organizations.
  • Our team has provided architectural and solution transformation in sectors as Core Banking Operations, Payments, Dividend and Capital gains, Mutual Funds and ETF’s, Bond Desk, Data, Integration, Next Gen Infrastructure and emerging technologies.
  • Our EA’s has worked in numerous Governance Committees and facilitated decisions on organizational standards and policies for an enterprise.

EA provide extensive experience of working in Architecture Review Boards, defining Technology Life Cycles, contributing to IT Portfolio Management or Asset Portfolio Management (APM), creating Architecture Strategy and Strategic Project Support.

Training & Placement

The IT and business landscape is ever-changing. The most successful organizations focus on learning and development programs that keep employee skills sharp, productivity high and user adoption of new systems and processes seamless.

TrueBlue AppWerks Training and Education provides flexible and effective learning and development solutions in these core areas:

Custom IT Training

  • Our learning development professionals collaborate with you to design, develop and deliver a right-fit learning solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Agile Training

  • Our Agile transformation solutions help you integrate Agile principles into your development environment and processes, allowing you to enable change and deliver more value, faster.

IT Training Courses

  • Our expansive course catalog of instructor-led and virtual classes and e-learning courses offers a breadth of learning assets to help your organization get the training and education it needs.

Why TrueBlue AppWerks?

We consider your entire user population and design a custom learning strategy that addresses the needs of each stakeholder impacted. We customize each learning solution based on your organization’s distinct business needs to align with specific project initiatives, job roles or certifications. We can also work with content from the system’s providers and existing internal documents to create a comprehensive and integrated curriculum and materials, so users can learn and refer to related information in a seamless and thoughtful manner.

  • We possess a massive network of highly qualified learning consultants and professionals and have the ability to build teams of subject matter experts versed in business, IT and learning competencies.
  • We are a centralized training partner with a full breadth of learning solutions that enable us to meet your needs, whether they are outcome-based or resource-centric.
  • We offer mobile, social and performance support options and continually make investments to innovate our offerings and engage learners.
  • We employ proven project governance and management methodologies, tools and expertise through our centralized Project Management Office.
  • TrueBlue AppWerks Training and Education Services provides flexible and effective learning and development solutions in these core areas

We have a unique ability to build teams of subject matter experts, versed in business, IT and learning competencies that have the knowledge required to advise and construct a learning solution that fits your initiatives. In addition to our team of learning development professionals, we can tap into our large, diverse network, including practice leadership and architects that are highly knowledgeable in applications, infrastructure and data services, and a proprietary network of 81 percent of the domestic IT workforce.


We can ramp up and scale back to ensure you get exactly what you need, whether your needs are outcome-based or resource-centric. Using our proprietary Staffing Quality Process®, we source and screen learning professionals to quickly assemble a team. We handle all resource management logistics, including onboarding, training, knowledge transfer and reporting.


We manage hundreds of learning and educational programs each month. Our expertise allows us to configure the appropriate technology and logistics for your learning environment, coordinate training material distribution, designate and schedule experienced instructors, and assess course performance. We evaluate staff skills, provide retention benchmarks, perform gap analysis and present a customized learning plan to develop your IT workforce. Our Project Management Office ensures consistent use of process standards, collaboration tools and industry expertise, regardless of service location.

  • Custom Learning Solutions

Corporate learning is undergoing a digital transformation. Today’s employees expect to access learning on demand and via multiple devices, as well as be highly interactive and directly relevant to their individual roles.

  • TrueBlue AppWerks specializes in supporting enterprise change initiatives, such as introducing new tools, processes or methodologies, through customized learning programs.
  • By creating a custom learning solution, we help analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate a right-fit learning program that aligns with your business objectives. Our framework aims to deliver a holistic learning experience that covers learning through practice (experience), collaboration (exposure), as well as structure and formality (education).
  • Our Process

To customize a learning solution per your organization’s specific needs, we generally start with conducting a training needs assessment and gap analysis of your business or business function. This process includes identifying key performance indicators to measure and show value to the business. Our experts then develop a curriculum and supporting content, including picking the appropriate mix of delivery channels for the audience, such as instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led training, e-learning (traditional, micro, mobile), videos and job aids.

  • Our custom learning solutions span:
    • Learning needs analysis and program design
    • Skills assessment and competency mapping
    • Instructor-led and virtual instructor-led
    • Self-directed learning
    • E-learning
    • Videos
    • Games and simulations
    • Micro
    • Mobile
  • Performance support and supplemental assets (e.g., “how-to” videos, knowledge repositories, job aids and documented best practices)
  • Coaching and mentoring
    • Enabling communities of practice and peer-to-peer learning
    • Learning program tracking and reporting
  • IT Direct Placement Services
    • In a competitive IT job market, hiring managers struggle to find top talent to lead key business initiatives. While contract or contract-to-hire roles are often part of a workforce management strategy, some positions require an immediate, direct placement. To overcome challenges of high demand and low supply, IT leaders must partner with providers who understand their business, technical environment and culture.
    • Our dedicated team specializes in direct placement hiring. We help you identify talented, highly experienced IT professionals to join your organization on a full-time basis.
    • We Market Your Value Proposition
    • We understand the extremely competitive IT job market and the challenges you face when searching for top IT talent. Many critical positions are extremely difficult and time-consuming to fill. As part of our IT direct placement services, TrueBlue AppWerks takes the time to learn your business in order to fully understand your culture and what makes an ideal fit for your organization. With this detailed insight, we help you create an employee value proposition that can compel top IT talent to want to work for you instead of your competition.


  • Application architecture
  • Application development
  • Business intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Database administrators
  • Data architecture
  • Data warehousing
  • Developers – Database
  • Network administrators
  • Network analysts
  • Network architects
  • Network optimization engineers
  • Systems administrators
  • Systems analysts
  • Technical architects

Application Data Migration And Integration

TrueBlue AppWerks consultants have worked with numerous clients, on their needs of Application or Data migration where team has successfully transferred data or applications between different data storage types, formats, or IT systems. And then helped clients in post migration world to have unified view of all the data and application to its customers even though data and application resides on different platforms.

  • Our consultants have worked with numerous clients to help them create strategy and path for application and data migration.
  • We bring in the years of experience in implementing data and application migration and its integration utilizing extraction from current condition to future standardization, reconciliation where team has successfully transferred and integrated.
  • Our consultants are highly skilled in analysis and implementation of Parse Based migration and post parse implementation in AWS, AZURE or local hosting of solution.
  • Think integration is legacy tech? Think again. While integration may not show up as one of the year’s hot tech crazes, this essential element of IT is being reshaped, restructured and remodeled by those same forces. Smart organizations are clamoring to know what this reshuffling of integration can do for them. This guide will show you where to put your resources to deal with the swift expansion of elements that now demand integration.
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